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We strive to be an eye to the world – primarily focusing on beauty ranging from nature to architecture. Whether it be for home or office our photographic art is created using archival quality inks on canvas or fine photo paper.

Artists’ Statement

The appreciation of art is an ongoing partnership between nature and the human eye, much like the partnership between the photographic artists Dave and Diane Buerger whose relationship has spanned five decades. The pair met in West Virginia, where it is almost impossible not to recognize the gift of beauty in the surrounding mountains and the harmony of nature created by the Almighty.

The Buergers believe that photographic art is more than pointing a camera and pressing a button. It is the recording of a place, a thing, a feeling or a moment in time -and preserving it to be enjoyed in future days and generations. Most of Dave & Diane’s art is a limited edition - restricted to a specific number of prints - as indicated under the artist’s signature on the front of each work, thus increasing its potential value.

-D. Buerger